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Goon Game Service: Dominions 4 Edition

Pending games

Name Host Era Server Port Max Players Remaining
Luck be a laddie RockyB EA 69 12 9

Active games

Name Host Era Server Port Turn number Time to Host Turn
Land of No Secrets Lord Windy EA 50004 55 30h 15m
Back to Basics Tom Clancy Is Dead MA 50040 80 0h 1m
Too Bad at Dom 4 Baudin EA 50121 75 0h 0m
Early Age Newbehs wya EA 50131 64 0h 0m
Goon Disciple Game VerdantSquire EA 50136 71 0h 1m
MapGoon LA Game! VerdantSquire LA 50145 88 8h 37m
MapGoons EA game modded Demiurge4 EA 50148 89 25h 39m
NationGen for Friendos VerdantSquire Other 50149 82 26h 58m
Mapgoons MA modded Demiurge4 MA 50159 105 25h 49m
Mapgoods LA Modded Community Game Demiurge4 LA 50164 65 31h 50m
Mapgoons EA another Summod with Magic Enhanced game Demiurge4 EA 50174 106 25h 58m
Thirty Years' War Purplebeard EA 50178 87 19h 26m
EA Mapgoon Natgen Game VerdantSquire EA 50179 127 0h 0m
Relatively Normal Game How are u EA 50187 84 0h 47m
Make Communions Great Again! How are u LA 50192 109 23h 23m
Luck be a lady RockyB LA 50211 77 0h 1m
REVERSE RACISM jsoh Other 50224 74 45h 42m
miscgeneation jsoh Other 50238 30 20h 1m
Just Late How are u LA 50239 34 2h 42m
Mo Magic Mo Problems 2 How are u EA 50240 32 6h 36m
One Last EA How are u EA 50245 25 17h 58m
One Last MA How are u MA 50246 25 10h 50m